Quick Response or QR codes were first designed in 1994 for the automotive industry in Japan. A machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it’s attached.

QR codes are used throughout a range of different marketing materials these days and over the last few years, they’ve become more common than ever. QR codes have been particularly helpful during the pandemic as there is no limit to how far away the QR Code can be scanned as long as the QR Code is large enough and is good enough quality. As a result, QR Codes make it easy to access information without having to physically touch anything.

QR Codes connect print to digital, so valuable not just during the coronavirus but also for marketing campaigns. A billboard for example promoting a consumer product displaying a QR code can be scanned to access a website landing page for further information or to make a purchase without the need to type in a web address. Plus by using the QR it makes the promotional measurable and ROI calculable.

QR Codes work well integrate with e-commerce marketing, here are a few examples of how this works both in print and digital. 

Product literature and packaging
Used on literature or packaging to encourage further purchases and communication with customers. A Facebook QR Code can be added to get more page likes (customers don’t even need to view your Facebook profile to do so) or use a Social Media QR Code to display all your profile links in one place or a ratings QR code if trialling new products and want to understand which your customers prefer.

Magazine Ads
Print magazine ads which are mainly product focused are able to direct traffic to digital platforms for further information, product videos or incentivise readers.

Email Marketing and Social
Here too, you can promote a mobile app with an App QR Code. They can also be used via social media channels with a Social Media QR Code for promotions such as giveaways.

App promotion via landing page
QR Codes can be used directly on websites and landing pages encouraging customers to view mobile shopping platforms.

QR codes can be adapted with customisable frames to blend with your company’s brand identity they can also be different shapes, include text and a logo added within certain parameters

QR Codes make connection to digital platform for customers to access so much easier. They turn any print medium into a doorway to engage with your brand anytime through the convenience of a mobile device.

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